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4-Amino-6 Chlorobenzene-1,3-disulfonamide Supplier


4-Amino-6 Chlorobenzene-1,3-disulfonamide

CAS No. : 121-30-2

We are reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of 4-AMINO-6 CHLOROBENZENE-1,3-DISULFONAMIDE in India. Our chemical products are made as per latest industry standard using premium ingredients in latest manufacturing plant. The molecular formula of 4-AMINO-6 CHLOROBENZENE-1, 3-DISULFONAMIDE is C6H8CIN304S2. Its molecular weight is 285.72 and melting point is 254.5 ÂșC. Available in white crystalline powder its density is 1.768g / cm3 and used in animal pharmaceutical or in laboratory. It is recommended to keep in cool and dry place in tightly closed packaging.